Robert E. Howard Foundation Award 2018, risultati


Di seguito, pubblichiamo i risultati del Robert E. Howard Foundation Award 2018, prestigioso premio letterario organizzato ogni anno da The Robert Howard Foundation, associazione americana il cui fine è quello di divulgare l’opera del Maestro di Cross Plains.


I vincitori:

The Atlantean — Outstanding Achievement, Book (non-anthology/collection)

Winner: FRED BLOSSER – Savage Scrolls: Scholarship from the Hyborian Age (Volume 1) (Pulp Hero Press)
FRED BLOSSER — AR-I-E’CH and the Spell of Cthulhu: An Informal Guide to R. E. Howard’s Lovecraftian Fiction (Black Stone Press)
BOBBY DERIE – The Robert E. Howard Bar Guide (Self Published)

The Valusian — Outstanding Achievement, Book (anthology/collection)
[No eligible candidates]

The Hyrkanian—Outstanding Achievement, Essay (Print)

Winner: BILL CAVALIER – “Robert E. Howard and his Influence on Dungeons and Dragons” – Knights of the Dinner Table 236
BOBBY DERIE – “Robert E. Howard’s Weird Detectives” – Occult Detective Quarterly 3
DIERK GUENTHER – “Local Color and Its Underlying Meaning in Robert E. Howard’s Weird Western, Southern Gothic Horror, and Detective Stories” – The Dark Man 8.2
CHARLES HOFFMAN – “’The Shadow Kingdom’ and the Origins of Gothic Horror in Robert E. Howard’s Heroic Fantasy” – Skelos 2

The Cimmerian—Outstanding Achievement, Essay (Online)

Winner (Tie): BOBBY DERIE – “Conan and the OAK (5 Parts)” – On An Underwood No. 5
Winner (Tie): KAREN JOAN KOHOUTEK – “Queen by Fire and Steel and Slaughter: Bêlit’s Hymn” – On An Underwood No. 5 

LEE BREAKIRON – “The Rise of the New Hyborian Legion (2 parts)” – REHEAPA
BOB BYRNE – “Robert E. Howard Wrote a Police Procedural? With Conan?? Crom!!!” – Black Gate

The Venarium — Emerging Scholar


The Stygian—Outstanding Achievement, Website or Periodical

Winner: ON AN UNDERWOOD NO. 5 (Todd Vick) 

The Black Lotus – Outstanding Achievement, Multimedia

Winner: THE CROMCAST (audio podcast) – Josh Adkins, Luke Dodd, and Jon Larson
HOWARD DAYS 2017 (videos)– Ben Friberg

The Black River—Special Achievement

Winner: DERRICK HUSSEY – For establishing the Robert E. Howard Fellowship Endowment at the University of Texas.
SCOTT CONNORS, KAREN JOAN KOHOUTEK, JONAS PRIDA, RICK LAI, and JEFFREY SHANKS – For participating in an REH panel at NecronomiCon Providence.
PATRICE LOUINET and JEFFREY SHANKS – For serving as advisors on the Conan Role Playing Game from Modiphius.

The Rankin — Artistic achievement in the depiction of REH’s life and/or work

Winner: TIM TRUMAN – Interior art for Vampire Classics (Graphic Classics) depicting “Horror from the Mound”
SIMON BISLEY – Cover art for Conan the Thief RPG book (Modiphius) depicting “Rogues in the House”
GERALD BROM– Cover art for Conan RPG Core Book (Modiphius) depicting “Xuthal of the Dusk”

Black Circle Award – Lifetime Achievement
(Individuals who have made significant and long-lasting contributions to REH scholarship, publishing, or the promotion of Howard’s life and works. Eligible candidates must have been publicly involved in Howard-related activities for a minimum of two decades. Sixty percent of the vote is required for induction into the Black Circle)

(No Winner – Sixty percent threshold not met)


Vincitori nelle precedenti edizioni

The Black Circle Award — Lifetime Achievement

2005 – Glenn Lord
2006 – No Award
2007 – Rusty Burke and Don Herron
2008 – Novalyne Price Ellis
2009 – No Award
2010 – No Award
2011 – Bill Cavalier
2012 – Dennis McHaney
2013 – Damon Sasser
2014 – Patrice Louinet
2015 – Karl Edward Wagner
2016 – Roy Thomas
2017 – No Award


The Atlantean Award — Outstanding Achievement, Book (non-anthology)

2005 – Dale Rippke (Hyborian Heresies)
2006 – Dennis McHaney (Robert E. Howard: World’s Greatest Pulpster)
2007 – Mark Finn (Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard)
2008 – Rob Roehm (Howard’s Haunts)
2009 – Paul Herman (Neverending Hunt, Revised Edition)
2010 – Barbara Barrett (The Wordbook: An Index Guide to the Poetry of Robert E. Howard)
2011 – Bob Roehm and Rob Roehm (The Brownwood Connection)
2012 – Ann Beeler (Footsteps of Approaching Thousands)
2013 – Mark Finn (Blood & Thunder, Revised Edition)
2014 – No Award
2015 – Deke Parsons (J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy)
2016 – Bobby Derie (The Collected Letters of REH: Index and Addenda)
2017 – Patrick Burger – (On the Precipice of Fascism: The Mythic and the Political in the Works of Robert E. Howard and Ernst Junger)


The Valusian Award — Outstanding Achievement, Book (collection/anthology)

2005 – Don Herron (The Barbaric Tirumph)
2006 – No Award
2007 – Dennis McHaney (The Man from Cross Plains)
2008 – No Award
2009 – Simon Sanahujas (Les Nombreuses vies de Conan)
2010 – Fabrice Tortey (Échos de Cimmérie — Hommage à Robert Ervin Howard)
2011 – Dennis McHaney (The Book of the Howard Review)
2012 – Dennis Mc Haney (Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector)
2013 – Jonas Prida (Conan Meets the Academy)
2014 – No Award
2015 – No Award
2016 – No Award
2017 – No Award


The Hyrkanian Award — Outstanding Achievement, Print Essay

2005 – Mark Finn (“Fists of Robert E. Howard”)
2006 – Rob Roehm (“Howard’s Ruin”)
2007 – Bill Cavalier (“How Robert E. Howard Saved My Life”)
2008 – Brian Leno (“Down the Rabbit Hole”)
2009 – Leo Grin (“In Defense of Hester Jane Ervin Howard”)
2010 – Steve Tompkins (“Strong to Save or to Damn”)
2011 – Barbara Barrett and Amy Kerr (“Feminism and the Women in Robert E. Howard’s Fiction”)
2012 – Rob Roehm (“The Vinson Papers”)
2013 – Jeffrey Shanks (“Hyborian Age Archeology”)
2014 – Jeffrey Shanks (“History, Horror, and Heroic Fantasy”)
2015 – Jeffrey Shanks (“What the Thak?: Anthropological Oddities in Howard’s Works”)
2016 – Jeffrey Shanks (“Evolutionary Otherness: Anthropological Anxiety in Robert E. Howard’s ‘Worms of the Earth’”)
2017 – Jeffrey Shanks (“Nameless Tribes and Races of Men: Anthropological World-Building in ‘Men of the Shadows’”)


The Cimmerian Award — Outstanding Achievement, Online Essay

2011 – Rob Roehm (Multiple essays)
2012 – Rob Roehm (Multiple essays)
2013 – Barbara Barrett (“Robert E. Howard and the Issue of Racism”)
2014 – Rob Roehm (“The Business”)
2015 – Rob Roehm (“The Legend of the Trunk”)
2016 – (Tie) Barbara Barrett (“Hester Jane Ervin Howard and Tuberculosis”)
— (Tie) David Piske (“Barbarism and Civilization in the Letters of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft”)
2017 – Patrice Louinet (“’The Wright Hook’ (or, the origin of ‘Spear and Fang’)”)


The Venarium Award — Emerging Scholar

2005 – Mark Finn
2006 – Rob Roehm
2007 – John Haefele
2008 – No Award
2009 – No Award
2010 – Barbara Barrett
2011 – No Award
2012 – Jeffrey Shanks
2013 – No Award
2014 – Patrick Burger
2015 – Karen Joan Kohoutek
2016 – Bobby Derie
2017 – Todd Vick


The Aquilonian Award — Outstanding Achievement, Periodical

2005 – Leo Grin (The Cimmerian)
2006 – Leo Grin (The Cimmerian)
2007 – Leo Grin (The Cimmerian)
2008 – Leo Grin (The Cimmerian)
2009 – Leo Grin (The Cimmerian)
2010 – Damon Sasser (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur)
2011 – Bill Cavalier, Rob Roehm, and Paul Herman (The REH Foundation Newsletter)
2012 – Glenn Lord (The Howard Collector)
2013 – Damon Sasser (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur)
2014 – Bill Cavalier, Rob Roehm, and Paul Herman (The REH Foundation Newsletter)
2015 – Damon Sasser (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur)
2016 – Damon Sasser (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur)
2017 – Damon Sasser (The REH Foundation Newsletter)


The Stygian Award — Outstanding Achievement, Website

2005 – Paul Herman (Howard Works)
2006 – Paul Herman (Howard Works)
2007 – Leo Grin, et al. (The Cimmerian blog)
2008 – Leo Grin, et al. (The Cimmerian blog)
2009 – Leo Grin, et al. (The Cimmerian blog)
2010 – Deuce Richarson, et al. (The Cimmerian blog)
2011 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2012 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2013 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2014 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2015 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2016 – Damon Sasser, et al (REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog)
2017 – Todd Vick (On An Underwood No. 5 blog)


The Black River Award — Special Achievement

2005 – Jim and Ruth Keegan
2006 – Chris Gruber
2007 – Don Herron
2008 – Patrice Louinet
2009 – Rusty Burke
2010 – Jack and Barbara Baum
2011 – Rob Roehm
2012 – Rob Roehm
2013 – Patrice Louinet
2014 – Ben Friberg
2015 – Ed Chaczyk
2016 – Rob Roehm
2017 – Patrice Louinet


The Black Lotus Award — Outstanding Achievement, Multimedia

2016 – Ben Friberg (Howard Days Videos)
2017 – Josh Adkins, Luke Dodd, and Jon Larson (The Cromcast)


The Rankin Award — Artistic Achievement in the depiction of REH’s life and/or work

2011 – Jim and Ruth Keegan (Adventures of Two-Gun Bob)
2012 – Jim and Ruth Keegan (Adventures of Two-Gun Bob)
2013 – Tomás Giorello (The Scarlet Citadel)
2014 – Tom Gianni (Pirate Adventures, Fists of Iron, Round 1, REH’s Western Tales)
2015 – Tom Gianni (Fists of Iron, Round 2 and 3)
2016 – Tomás Giorello and Jose Villarrubia (Wolves Beyond the Border)
2017 – Adrian Smith (Conan Board Game by Monolith)


The Crom Award — Special Recognition by Board of Directors

2012 – No Award
2013 – No Award
2014 – Paul Herman
2015 – No Award
2016 – No Award
2017 – No Award


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